Zenius -I- vanisher. I know bms terminal has some official bms files. There is a french site that has them all, but the download speed is very limited and it downloads at a very slow speed. Also, I know the Outphase forums also have them, but their registrations are closed now. Cool, thanx I'm going to make a new mirror for these files See link below. I made a separate folder for them on my MediaFire account. Hopefully it'll reduce the download time for everyone that wants these.

Let me know if it works. I'll get to styles currently uploading 2nd style as i type thisand if there are other files missing, let me know and i'll stick them there too. By the time I got to 6, the french site decided to be slow as hell. I'll do the rest tommorow.

iidx 23 bms

If you know how to work with Pan Baidu, someone uploaded everything from 1st Style to Spada. So if the french site is just a no go, there's that here. That's a no, in case you actually wanted your question answering.

Katsuragi: I don't care if you're the Lifeline of Kamurocho or the Mayor of my ass. Pat: This guy's great because he called our fat friend 'Super Chunk'. KittyBox Member Posts Reg. Actually, beatmania. They used to have that site closed for registrations under a paywall but that's been lifted recently, so anyone could go on there and grab pendual.The event started on February 27th, and ended on March 3rd, For more information, please see the event page.

All songs are crossovers from jubeat saucer with the exception of Rainbow after snow and Confiseriewhich co-debuted in both beatmania IIDX 20 tricoro and saucer. Depending of the game that you're playing, certain songs will raise the Friendship degree of two artists faster than on the other BEMANI games. For more information, please see its own page.

Songs are ordered from the one that gives you more Friendship and as such, you can unlock it faster in beatmania IIDX 20 tricoroto the one that gives you the least. Playing more than one of the participating games in the same day will increase the progress speed for that day. It is not possible to unlock certain crossovers on other games if they're not unlocked yet in the ones where they originated from like Proof of the existence or Valanga.

From September 12th,Zirkfied can be unlocked once the crossovers on all three games have been unlocked. From December 19th,the progress speed has been tripled for everyone to commerate the start of the Nettou! In Standard Mode, during your final stage, the following conditions will allow you to access the Extra Stage:. What happens during your first two stages has no influence on whether or not a normal extra stage is attainable, so you could, for example, fail the first two stages with a DJ VIP Pass and still obtain an Extra Stage as long as you met the conditions on the final stage.

Unlike prior versions, tricoro provides multiple boss songs for its default Extra Stage. Each phase, except for Phase 4, has a minimum total difficulty requriement and minimum clear status requirement. Phases for each song cycle every week, until Phase 4 except for Timepiece phase II. Each one has its own hidden conditions to satisfy.

Download BMS_IIDX23_copula.zip

When a block is obtained, it will light up in the event page. Every day, on all tricoro machines, three songs are marked as "featured". You can see which ones are marked in the Data Entry window or in the songwheel menu. Playing all three of them in a session will grant you bonus dellars.

The featured songs are chosen under a certain criteria which changes weekly, from Wednesday to the Tuesday of the successive week. Weekly Ranking sessions last for a week, with Wednesday at pm being the beginning and as well as the deadline in the successive week. The following songs have received difficulty changes since their last arcade or console appearance:. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 1 Aprilat Privacy policy About RemyWiki Disclaimers.

Another Infinity.A lot of newcomers may struggle with the various words that BMS players use, as their meanings may not be immediately obvious. Hopefully this list will clear up the meanings of a lot of words that beginners might be unfamiliar with. If you want to see more words added, feel free to send tips Dolphinsssz or via other methods. This is short for Be-Music Source. It may also be expanded to Be-Music Script. You can find the original specification for it here. Usually when people talk about BMS, they refer to the entire community and the content within it, as BMS is originally just a file format.

The long notes in BMS are based on those of Ez2dj, thus no release timing is required. However in IIDX, charge notes require timed releases. This is why LN and CN are not the exact same thing, so when you see people talking about LNs, they refer to hold notes without release timing, and CN refers to hold notes where there is timing on the release of the note.

These were implemented in beatmania IIDX copula, and function similarly to regular CNs, however these CNs will constantly deplete your gauge when not pressed, and it is possible to repress them if you miss one, or release in the middle of it.

Sabun usually refers to additional charts to a song, that were created after the songs initial release as a BMS. It works like Karate belts, where you go from the lowest dan to the highest dan. You might see various players say that they are e. You can find a list of the official LunaticRave2 Grade Courses here.

Whilst most people would assume this word refers to the people playing BMS, it also refers to the software used to play BMS.

iidx 23 bms

SP is short for Single Play, which refers to charts that use 5 or 7keys and a single turntable. DP is short for Double Play, which refers to charts that use 10 or 14 keys and two turntables. An impression is usually a point score and a comment together, however an impression can also have no comment, or no score. Long impressions are the traditional type of impression where you write a short review of the BMS.

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Usually a paragraph, sometimes longer. These are often just a single word in length. BMS Terminology A lot of newcomers may struggle with the various words that BMS players use, as their meanings may not be immediately obvious.

BMS files may use different filename extensions to define what kind of chart it is.

Amalia razziatori piumati

Impression This term is more useful for people who participate in BMS events. Facebook Tweet Mail. Shape Home Powered by Tumblr.To unlock the song, you have to clear the course and fill a gauge by playing the respective course for a certain amount of times. Course clearing and gauge filling must be done for each difficulty, if you want to unlock all the new song's charts. Progress between Single Player and Double Player modes is shared.

Each game starts out with a default song, while the remaining songs need to be unlocked. Official event page. The other major difference is that difficulties are unlocked from the easiest to the hardest, and not the other way around. As the event page describes, the event is about playing songs related to each one of the four seasons.

The conditions to access Season Line change on the phase it is in. The song selection sound depends on the chosen Season Line song. Clearing a Season Line song's chart nets you a "riding icon", plus a Silver Tran Medal 18 in total to be obtained.

If you fail to clear NZM, you'll have obtain once again all the riding icons from the Season Line songs. Otherwise, you'll instantly unlock the OMES chart you have played in regular modes, alongside a Gold Tran Medal 3 in total to be obtained.

Official Phase 1 event page. Official Phase 2 event page. The Kaitsuu! It ran from November 26th, until April 24th, The objective is to build a railway throughout a set of areas. The event screen, as always, appears at the end of every play session, however its effects begin immediately from the first played credit.

IIDX BMS files?

The second phase of the event begun on December 22nd, It requires Phase 1 to be completed first. Material points are obtained after playing a song, regardless if it was cleared or not. The amount of material points without tools obtained per song depends on the chosen mode:. You get a special tool if you clear one song from each style respectively except substreamother than gaining a Bronze Tran Medal. Getting all 23 tools will net you a permanent 1.

From December 22nd,you can get new special tools by fulfilling the following requirements, regardless of difficulty chart:. Tokotoko line leaders, chosen throughout a card shuffle, increase material gaining as well. With Rainbow Tickets you can add additional leaders. The cost is two tickets to add one leader, and a total of five tickets to use all four of the available leaders. You can choose three players from the event's website page for gaining additional material points in the event.

HHHxMMxST - Everlasting Last ♫ IIDX23 Copula ♫ 【BMS】

Note that this doesn't decrease material earning for these other players. All the obtained material points will be used in the event section to build the railway. Once the development of the railway is done in an area, you rank up, you get a Bronze Tran Medal and you can choose which one of the following four songs to unlock:. A song's preview will play if you hover over the song. Note that in this event, when you unlock a song, all of its charts are unlocked as well.

Areas where the railway has been already built can be re-visited. There you can fill "regional happiness" gauges by building intermediate stations.Zenius -I- vanisher. Page 1 Page 2. ZIv Mod Squad: "mfw things do".

Raikou Rider Member Posts Reg. I second this request, as Sherl0k's site went down. There's a place on Filefront where I get them. I forgot the name of it though.

Gimme a couple of minutes, k? And there we are. ZIv Mod Squad: " The links don't work.

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Use the Filefront link at the top. Even the FileFront link isn't helpful. Try this website.

iidx 23 bms

AnxD Member 1, Posts Reg. Lunatic Rave 2, find a tutorial on how to install. Try BPM. Be-Pachi Music!! This simulator can play. OGG files. Lunatic Rave 2 dosn't really need a tutorial, well i didnt It was easy to install I found the site but can't find where to download!

So can someone post a direct link to it? On the LR2 site, click the main picture. That's the link. You need to run the config, there shouldnt be a set up, or anything, well i didnt, but did you follow these steps?Do you play any LN songs? There's so little players that uses a BM controller to play them, but it is possible with practice. Haven't been able to get back to this in awhile thanks to Borderlands 2 and other life shit.

What is LR2? I'm not going to write a tutorial on how to get it running and what not since there are a bunch of start up guides that you can find. I will post a bunch of links at the end for people that want to get into LR2. LR2 allows you to play BMS's which are original made charts by users. Rating systems These are totally unofficial just to let you know. The first rating system is the what im going to call the "White Star" system, which varies from This is closer to actual IIDX ratings.

I'm not too sure how accurate it is to IIDX since i never played any of the charts before.

Post base64 string

The second system is the "Black Star" system which varies from The third system is the "Overjoy" scale which are insanely hard or stupid ass songs. OJ varies from Only 1 song in the OJ 0 category.

Basically to compare it to the standard BMS scale a OJ 1 is equal to a 21 or so on the standard scale. There are other rating systems such as the long note system, scratch and what not. When to start playing LR2? There's no absolute time when to start playing LR2, its a good option for people who don't have access to CS or for people that want to play more songs since CS is currently dead at the moment.

Where to start? If you just wanna play more easier and casual stuff then i would recommend playing stuff from like BMS of fighters or from the white star rating system. Most of the stuff here will be easier and closer to IIDX ratings.

I would recommend to start playing on the standard scale if you can consistently beat 12's such as AA another, Golden Cross another, and what not. If you are already like a pro then i would just play like different levels of difficulties until you know what your threshold is of clearing stuff.

Once you find your threshold then i would practice songs from that level and if you want to progress then play songs that are levels above. Don't even try OJ unless you can beat 20's or so on the standard scale. You probably want to make sure you can beat most of the songs in each level before moving on to the next level of songs.

There are some exceptions with stupid songs that have dumb ass gimmicks. Keep in mind playing the lower level songs are always a good thing to practice, when i practice them i just work on combo-ing, timing, and control of my hands. Where i wrote "wall" is where i had the most problems and is where i believe good checkpoints are of progress.

Keep in mind that doesn't mean you can just play a hard ass chart and mash on it. Don't do this when you can't even comprehend it. There is a dan ranking system in LR2, for people that are curious i'm only a 10 dan in LR2.

iidx 23 bms

There are players that don't wrist scratch on LR2 and still get around just as crazy. LR2 v. The normal bar on songs are also different The normal gauge can be adjusted on each song on how fast it builds up.

IIDX BMS files?

You will run into a lot of songs that have high ratings but have noticeably easier charts and a REALLY hard normal bar.A A SHK. A Golden Protocol. A Memory. A Stage For All. F ReMIX. Aakemame in AcceptAdvent-Border of Life. Acque Minerali. Acque Minerali -Ultimo Blu. Act Act Beloved. Adansonia 8th MIX. After The Rain. Afterglow Radio Edit. Aihana Radio edit. Air revolution. Airflow Urban Techno Cafe. Airman Stage.

Akai dogs against the future. Alone in the World. Alice-areA BMS edit. Alicia Story. All elimination. All Day. All I Need DCmix. Alright, B-Right. AM Am Ende -Wiedersehen. Amuse Zone.